Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Writerly Trip to Jefferson Park

Yesterday the book discussion group at the Chicago Public Library, Jefferson Park Branch, discussed my book THE DARK BACKWARD and then invited me to talk afterward.

I brought my camera along to photograph the nice crowd of people who attended, and then FORGOT to do it! Sorry, Jefferson Park readers! Hopefully I'll go back next year and then I'll be sure to preserve the image digitally. Meanwhile I've put up a picture of the library itself, for those of you who are fans of library architecture.

These book discussions are my favorite part of book promotion, because you get to talk to people who've already read the book (as opposed to trying to sell it to someone), and can hear their thoughts about it. The questions are always interesting, and we ended up chatting about generating thoughts, outlining: yes or no?, how characters emerge, how plotting happens, and then more esoteric things like the nature of forgiveness.

And now, back to reality: still painting the house. You'd think it was a mansion, given the amount of time it takes to paint it. It is not, however. :)