Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Sans Pants

One of the reasons I write child characters into my mysteries is that my sons give me so much material, it would be a shame not to write about it. Because the holidays have made me nostalgic, I'll share one with you now, in what I am calling CHRISTMAS ANECDOTE NUMBER ONE. :)

When my youngest son was about two or three, he was quite vocal and didn't even really speak in "baby talk," but in sophisticated sentences. However, he didn't always know the proper word for things, and he called Santa Claus "Christmas."

One day we were at a restaurant with a sort of French decor, and on one wall was a large painting of a Harlequin-like figure with a red hat, a tunic, and tights. Graham looked up from some rather aggressive coloring of his children's menu and said, "Look, Mom! It's Christmas without pants!"

I know that's how I like to spend Christmas, especially after a big meal. :)

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Karen Olson said...

Okay, this totally cracked me up.