Saturday, December 29, 2007

Want to Feel Old?

The beautiful and talented Mary Tyler Moore turns seventy-one today. How did that happen?

Gosh, it doesn't seem that long ago that I was snug in my childhood living room, watching the double feature of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Bob Newhart Show, which at the time was the best stuff on tv (and still is, if you watch the re-runs).

And it doesn't seem long before that I was watching The Dick Van Dyke Show, where a doe-eyed Mary was eternally sweet and supportive and slender as a teen in her 1950s fashions. I did prefer her as the 1970s Mary, though, the Mary who got her own job and her own apartment and threw her hat right up into the air to show how happy she was with that state of affairs.

There are some stars who just never grow old in my mind, and MTM is one of those--sort of eternally youthful but with the wisdom and grace of age.


Karen Olson said...

We've picked up the MTM show on DVD at the library, as well as the Dick Van Dyke show, and my 10 year old daughter loves them. And they really hold up over time, too. Still hilarious.

Julia Buckley said...

Oh, I agree! And check out the Bob Newhart show (the 1st one), too. It still cracks us up, but that was all due to Newhart.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the Dick Van Dyke Show. Bob Newhart was great as well. Makes me long for the good old days!

Julia Buckley said...

I know, Lee! Just something about that time in the world of tv.

Anonymous said...

Your list of favorite musicians reflects the yearning for the good old days, too.

Gordon Lightfoot EmmyLou Harris Trio Allison Krause The Eagles Jimmy Buffet Dan Seals Don Williams Suzie Bogguss Scores from Musicals Peter Paul and Mary The Dixie Chicks The Monkees The Beatles John Denver

My list would also include Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doobie Brothers, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Stevie Nicks, and, get the idea. Oh, and Hermans's Hermits. I met Peter Noone a few years ago in Santa Cruz, Ca. What a nice guy.

Julia Buckley said...

You are so right, Lee. And I'm a big Creedence fan, although I'd have to say I'm more of a Fogarty fan. Not to mention the Doobies, and Stevie Nicks has really grown on me over the years--although I liked her best in Fleetwood Mac.