Friday, December 07, 2007

The Snows Have Started

This is my parents' back yard; my dad sent the image to me the other day, when the first of the Midwest winter storms hit, December 1st on the dot, as though Mother Nature were following our calendar. Everything was transformed; all of the trees were cloaked in magical white.

Here at home, the boys went bravely out into the snow without the proper clothing; I couldn't find the snow pants, which at some point I had put into a box and carefully labeled. Box and pants are AWOL, gone into that Bermuda Triangle that is my attic. But I wanted to show you this picture which captures the major distinction between children and adults: my son, taking a snowball square in the face, and laughing.

I think there was a time, in the distant past, when I might have laughed about snow in the face, cold water dripping down under my clothes and onto my bare neck and chest--but those days are gone. Still, it's amusing to see somone love snow so much, love winter so much, when all I can think about is the driving, and wondering how hazardous it will be. Where did the child in me go? Is she, too, in my attic? Perhaps I'll make it my goal, this Christmas, to reclaim her before I forget who she is.


Anonymous said...

You CANNOT lose your inner child. If you do, you will soon see the fading of your curiosity, silliness, sense of adventure, spontaneity, imagination, belief that all things are possible...need I go on. Get to that attic, if that's where she's hiding, or just take that cold snowball to the face to wake you up to the fact you have to find her. One of my favorite quotes is one by Picasso and when he said it, he was speaking about birthdays, but I think it applies here: "It takes along time to grow young!" Keep working at it, Julia.
Mary Beth

Julia Buckley said...

That's a cheering thought, and a great quote! I also like the one that has been attributed to both Da Vinci and Michelangelo: "I am still learning."

Thanks, Mary Beth.


Ria Kennedy said...

Hi Julia, I am here to reassure you: YOU CAN NEVER LOSE YOUR INNER CHILD. He/She is always there.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Ria! And what is your inner child doing for Christmas fun?

Ria Kennedy said...

Writing every chance I get, some editing and hosting some tough people who strangled their inner child and buried it decades ago. So my inner child will have to really come out to minimize my discomfort and roll with it. :)

Kids, like my inner child, are resilient. Inner child = happiness/mental health, as well as fun and games!

Julia Buckley said...

Good for you! But eek, hosting can be painful. :)