Sunday, July 15, 2007

Celebrate with Cats

The kitten my son wanted for his birthday somehow turned into two kittens; here is one of them, whose name is Mr. Mulliner. He's just a nine week ball of fluff right now, but he's already become quite bossy, considering he's smaller than the average shoe. More on these fellows later!


Admin said...

Hmm, is it a kitten thing? The kitten that my daughter wanted for her birthday turned into two kittens. Buddy, a stripey one, for her and Benny, a black and white almost-jellicle cat for me. They're brothers and were curled up with each other in their cage at the Humane Society looking so cute that we just couldn't take one and leave the other. Your little guys are adorable and very bright looking. Enjoy.

Shine On,

Julia Buckley said...

That's too funny, Lill! I guess it is a kitten thing. And there were even more that we left behind, and now of course my son is wondering if they're okay . . . :)