Monday, July 16, 2007

The Mystery of Intentional Ignorance

I just watched An Inconvenient Truth; I know, I'm a bit behind the times. Mr. Gore both impressed and convinced me, but of course it isn't only his data that he's presenting in the movie; he compiled it with the help of scores of scientists worldwide.

This isn't a political blog, but it is a literary one. The movie struck me in its implicit commentary about humanity--commentary that was both positive and negative. Certainly, Gore tells his viewers at the end of the movie, there is hope. We may have created the problem, but we can fix it.

I was reminded of this wonderful poem by John Hall Wheelock, which seems a bit more prescient with each passing year:


by John Hall Wheelock

"A planet doesn't explode of itself," said drily
The Martian astronomer, gazing off into the air--
"That they were able to do it is proof that highly
Intelligent beings must have been living there."

(image: NASA "Images for the Classroom")


Breaking Point said...

Nice post! Gore is publishing a book in September called "Solutions." I really look forward to reading it. A think that a lot of people who understand the gravity of the situations are hungry for solutions that we can believe will be effective. We all know that a series of concerts is not a solution, but only the beginning of public outreach. Everyone is on their own journey, and those of us who are moving ahead on our own would like more emphasis on answers.

Keep up the good fight!

Nice poem.

Julia Buckley said...

Great! I look forward to reading the book.