Friday, July 20, 2007

Feline Reversal

The kitty in the picture below there is suddenly very ill. The vet thinks it's a reaction to the inoculations they both received today. He has to be in the animal emergency all night so they can monitor his symptoms. He only weighs three pounds, so this is more of a danger, I suppose, than in a full-grown cat.

Meanwhile I'll be chomping TUMS and worrying over his health (and my husband will be worrying over our pocketbook).

Sigh. Gilda Radner was right: it's always something.


Admin said...

Oh dear, Julia, is your kitten better yet? We had that happen with an older cat and had to rush her to the emergency vet where she barfed all over the vet's assistant, scratched my son's face and peed on their counter. She recovered and I swore it was because she's so spiteful and hateful. My son loves her though. He has anxiety attacks whenever she gets her shots now. I'll send positive vibes for your little feline's quick recovery.

Shine On,

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Lill. He is better and running around again, but it looked really bad for a few hours there. The kittens were supposed to help me relax and REDUCE my stress, not add to that ulcer that I'm growing. :)