Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Restful and Lovely

Our break was all that we hoped it would be; as early tourists we were faced with an almost silent town, still closed up but undeniably pretty and, for the most part, sunny. We looked down on the river, onto this very pier, and were able to watch the changing moods of the water by its current. On the third day the water was clear as glass and the sun was just right, so everything I photographed had a mirror image in the river. A tourist's delight.
We did our fair share of walking, eating and napping, but I'm afraid I did no writing at all, and only a smidgen of thinking about writing. I'm hoping the advanced laziness of my break will inspire some sort of intensive thinking in the future. The boys were an almost constant distraction, saddled as they were with parents in a silent town which offered not much in the way of other young people or things that are "fun" in the adolescent sense. Graham made his own entertainment by fashioning disguises out of green silly putty. He was surprisingly good at it.
The only problem is that a man with a green beard is NOT going to blend into a crowd, nor would he be a successful spy. Still, I think he wears it well. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, you've got a very cool kid there!

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Lorraine. With his silly putty abilities, he's bound to find a career in the arts. :)

Cindy Fey said...

Oh I love Saugatuck! Enjoy your break and your boys!

Karen Olson said...

I rather like the green beard.

Glad you had fun!

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Cindy! We did have fun, despite the sort of Twilight Zone silence.

Karen, I liked the beard, too. He became quite talented at the silly Putty facial hair--not as easy as it looks.