Thursday, December 18, 2008

Midwestern Snow Storm

Bing Crosby would be thrilled; there's no WAY we're not going to have a White Christmas this year--and by "we" I basically mean the Midwest.

This was a picture of my drive home yesterday; it was as hazardous as it looks. A new storm is coming tonight.

Here's a photo of my street:

It's absolutely beautiful, if you're inside looking out. If you're driving in it, it's a white nightmare.

I already got the call that school is cancelled tomorrow, so I guess just this once I can sit and drink tea and watch the maelstrom from a safe, skidless environment.


Robert Pruter said...

Hi Julia,
Loved your photo from inside the car.
My husband's 26 mile trip home to Elmhurst took 2 1/2 hours. He's a university librarian, and he's hoping for a snow day tomorrow, too.
Happy holidays,
Margaret Franson

Julia Buckley said...

I hope he got his snow day, Margaret! Ironically, my children have to go to school. :(

So I'm trying to decide what will be better for getting them there: car or sled.

Anonymous said...

That's what it looks like here now and I am so thankful that these days I can just work at home and drive nowhere! At least they had sense to cancel school for the kids today. Often they don't.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the anonymous thing. I keep doing that.

Eric Mayer

Julia Buckley said...

Eric, I agree. I have no problem with the snow when I don't have a journey planned. :)

No problem--I like your comments, anonymous or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Southeast Michigan seems to like to make 2-4 inches sound like the storm of the century. This year, however, there's not been as much hype and there's more snow on the ground than in many previous years. Temps have been colder this December, too. Kinda makes you wonder about that whole global warming thing, eh?

My commute is 87 miles one way, so I definitely identify with your husband, Margaret. It took me 3 hours to get home Tuesday night. Some drivers are too cautious, a few exceed their capabilities (causing accidents and, therefore, delays) and road commissions aren't proactive about cleaning the dang streets.

I was glad I didn't work last Friday since we got 6-10 inches overnight, a considerable snow fall for metro Detroit. Seems like schools close for minimal snow falls, but last Friday definitely made sense.

Julia Buckley said...

87 miles! Are you commuting to Chicago? Yikes. That's got to be a two hour drive in good weather.