Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Holiday Relief

Christmas is a wonderful and a beautiful time, but the day after Christmas is a restful escape. No packages to wrap, no items to remember to pack into the car, no stressing over the present that didn't arrive in time.

Today is a matter of quiet sorting through the rubble, permeated by gratitude for the gifts found within it. It's a day of remembering all of the funny things people said yesterday at the big family gathering, but also a day of facing the scale and promising to be good from here on in.

It's a day for reading the books you received as gifts, or watching those DVDs that someone thoughtfully selected.

Here the roads are treacherous and slicked with ice, but we have enough within our house--gifts and food and good feelings--to last for quite a while.

Happy Boxing Day to all!

(PS This little gnome lives in my parents' back yard. Their house is like a winter wonderland, and he presides over their frozen pond.)

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