Sunday, December 14, 2008

What We Take for Granted

Ironically I was discussing Chinua Achebe's THINGS FALL APART on Friday with my high school students; we came to the conclusion that there's nothing on earth that doesn't eventually fall apart, and one of our examples was the human body itself.

It seems the older I get the more parts of me I have to acknowledge I have taken for granted: the knees, the fingers, and now--the back. I lifted a very, very heavy bag on Friday with the rather stupid assumption that if I could lift it, it was safe to lift. I held the thing (which housed 42 10-page research papers and their accompanying index cards) in my left hand.

The next day the right side of me--mostly my right lower back--was giving me great pain. Today, wearing a support bandage left over from my husband's back injury, I feel chastened and foolish and . . . old.

Yes, things do fall apart, and I am a living example of what the flesh is heir to. Meanwhile, hot water bottles and Tiger Balm are my good friends. :)

(This picture of my cat really has nothing to do with the post except that carefully wrapped Christmas packages also fall apart--in fact they are torn apart with savage glee).


Carola Rummens said...

You are too young to fall apart Julia. I am sure you will recover.
Can your boys wait so long until it is Christmas and not unwrap those presents before? I am going to put up the tree this afternoon. But the presents will come the day before Christmas!!

Take good care

Julia Buckley said...

Oh, those are LAST year's presents, Caro! I haven't wrapped anything yet this year. :)

Thanks for your good wishes. I'm counting on that recovery. So far so good today, if I don't walk around much. Too bad I must go to work . . .

Send a picture of your tree when you get it!