Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Russia With Love

My e friend and fellow mystery lover Gloria Feit and her husband Ted are always nice about letting me live vicariously through their geographical adventures. Last year I shared pictures of their beautiful trip to India; this year they were kind enough to send me some breathtaking shots of their sojourn to Russia.

The amazing architecture above is found on a church near the Kremlin. Gloria says they found many churches "in and around Red Square."

This golden splendor is the view upon entering the front lobby of The Hermitage.

These are the walls of the Kremlin itself in Red Square.

This is a view of The Hermitage from across the river; what an inspirational sight, and look at that sky!

Gloria tells me that this lovely buildling near the Moscow harbor is going to be dismantled for the ubiquitous condos that are taking over the world.

Here's Gloria herself visiting the small Russian village of Kizhi; ancient churches and windmills dot the landscape in the background. Gloria describes the whole town as "very pretty."

More tomorrow!

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