Sunday, August 02, 2009

Karen's Sad Story

I'm blogging at PDD with a list of sad songs. But I had to add one here. I don't know if I think SUPERSTAR is sad just because of the deluded girl in the song, or because of the fate of Karen Carpenter. Even in this clip she looks decidedly thin, and she and her brother always looked so solemn, back in the days when they made guest appearances everywhere. Still, SUPERSTAR has to be viewed as a sad song even if you don't know Karen's story.


odszkodowania said...

very nice voice

superstar2me said...

Hi there...Thanks for posting this. One of Karen's greatest songs. This clip is from 1971. Karen was at a good weight in these early days and was not really 'thin'. She lost a lot of weight in the mid to late 70s and looks very gaunt in videos from the 1980s. Check out Touch Me When We're Dancing. Huge difference.

Julia Buckley said...

Yes, I'm a Karen Carpenter fan.

And yes, I know she ended up looking much worse, but she was always a thin person. That's what makes it so sad to me.