Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Mystery Is . . . What Did He Do?

Someone sent this to me in an unattributed e-mail called "What Sorry Looks Like." And who wouldn't be able to summon up forgiveness if this were the perpetrator?

But I'm curious what sort of big crime such a little fellow could commit. Even a doo doo on the carpet would be pretty small. Did this puppy rob a bank?


Anonymous said...

He's a beagle. Definitely an eyeglass eater. Probably shoes too.

Julia Buckley said...

By Jove, I think you're right, Watson. But he's so eminently forgiveable, isn't he? (Or she?)
Thank goodness my dog, who is half beagle, left that chewy stage behind for the most part.

Anonymous said...

The cutest widdle wuppy in the whole word was an eyeglass chewer as well, but those days are, thanks goodness, long behind us as well. Now she only chews her toys, or when she's feeling frisky, nibbles on my fingers. But oh so gently. She's adorable.

Mister E said...

A cute little puppy -- definitely guilty of something!

Julie, think you and your readers can figure out who I am.

I have started a blog as an experiment, to see if folk can figure out who I am from clues I give.

I will put up a link to your blog. Could you do the same for me?

My blog is called "Who Am I?" and is found at the link.