Monday, April 27, 2009

Food and Fun

I love to read mysteries, and I love snacks. So I posted at PDD about which snacks are my favorite mystery-reading fare. What's yours?


The Quam Family said...

Hi Julia,

Haven't visited your blog for a while. Love the picture. Tea would have to be my favorite for reading mysteries (Barry's Gold Blend from Ireland), with some Sociables crackers and Philly cream cheese. For evening perhaps pinot grigio and some fresh french bread and cheese. In autumn some kettle corn, very addictive.

I was trying to think of my favorite line or character from Shakespeare and I guess it's Mercutio from R & J -- "'Tis enough, 'twill serve" (or something close to that). He's unfairly skewered "under the arm" of his well-meaning but self-absorbed and clueless friend, and still manages to have a sense of humor to the end.

As for the plays, I always come back to A Midsummer Night's Dream and MacBeth; also love Antony and Cleopatra -- less popular, but a very powerful love story for me.

See you next meeting,

Julia Buckley said...

Hi, Cynthia! That's a great line, and Mercutio is such an interesting character--and yet I perceive some of his final words to be quite bitter (dark humor, I guess).

I like A and C, too!