Friday, April 10, 2009

Winners of Marple/Poirot Drawing

My son has selected the names for the Marple and Poirot DVD drawing, and the winners are:

Margaret Franson
Jeanne Powers

Sherry Moran
Carol Mintz

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope you win next time!

To these ladies, I will be submitting your addresses to Acorn for your DVD prizes. If you have not sent me your snail mail addresses, please do so. :)


Carol M said...

Julia, thank you so much! I'm thrilled to have won! Congrats to the other winners!

Julia Buckley said...

It was all the luck of the draw, Carol! Let me know if you don't get the DVDs in about a week. :)

Margaret said...

Thank your son for me, Julia. My daughter, who teachers English and film in college, is a great Agatha Christie fan and will love receiving the DVD. And, of course, thank you.

Margaret Franson

Julia Buckley said...

Great! I hope you will get to view it, too!