Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Sanctuary

The scene: sunrise from a balcony on the river. This was our spring break last year, and the March weather was so mercurial that the first day was sunny, and the second descended into the worst snow storm Michigan had seen in quite some time. It was like vacationing in bizarro world. This photo, as you can see, was taken before the storm hit.

This year we have planned another tiny getaway in the same town--but it's a month later, and we're almost sure to avoid snow in April. Or are we? With spring vacations one can never be sure.

But a respite is a respite, and we are looking most happily toward those three days on the calendar when we make our mini-break.

Snow or not, I'll have some wonderful pictures to share when we get back!

But first . . . a bit more work, and one more night school class, and then out with the suitcases! :)


Eric Mayer said...

March and April are unpredictable. This week is much less spring-like than mid-March was, but no snow luckily!

Julia Buckley said...

I guess I shouldn't count my chickens. :)