Saturday, December 30, 2006

Birthday Philosophizing

The boys and I went out for a little birthday luncheon. The restaurant we chose gives you a discount for your birthday based on how old you are. If you are one hundred, you get a free meal; if you're 92, you get 92% off. I thought this was nice, since I'm getting to an age that will make a significant difference in the bill. :) They also bring you a piece of Tollhouse Pie, which I am about to enjoy in the photo.

Having an almost-New Year's Eve birthday always makes me feel a blend of nostalgia and responsibility. I need to think about how to make the future better while making sure to enjoy the blessings of the past. I also need to plan, as a writer, what I can realistically accomplish in the coming year--with writing, agents, publishers, etc. It's a problem I didn't once have, so that in itself is a blessing!

I have a book that will come out in 2007, but I hope to sell at least one other one in this same year. And yet I don't want to be a bad or neglectful mother, so I'll have to find that special balance that I suppose all parents seek.

Tomorrow I'll be contemplating all the wisdoms I have, hopefully, gleaned from 2006, but I'll be planning carefully for a 2007 that will make me proud to say that I accomplished something before that next birthday, and that next slice of Tollhouse Pie.
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