Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home from Bouchercon: But Madison was Lovely

This entire week will be devoted to the fun but exhausting four days known as Bouchercon. In starting, I'd like to mention the setting of this year's event: Madison, Wisconsin. Madison was a lovely host city, and on Saturday, between panels, B-conners could treat themselves to the wonderful Farmer's Market that stretched around the Capitol Building.

The weather was grand, and splashes of color everywhere lifted my mood as much as did the fall weather. I couldn't have asked for a nicer temperature or a prettier setting. I really wanted to take home some of these flowers and fresh vegetables, but I didn't want to schlep them back to my non-convention hotel, and I figured by Sunday they'd be smooshed anyway, so alas, I could only photograph them.

On Saturday morning I joined Sandra Ruttan,(above) my bright and perky B-con roommate, the editor of Spinetingler Magazine and the author of Suspicious Circumstances (and she might not list them in that order), Bill Cameron (author of the upcoming Lost Dog), and Rob Browne (Kiss her Goodbye) for some breakfast at a coffee shop near the Capitol. We also met Neil Plakcy, author of Mahu, who was interested in the Farmer's Market, as well.

Bill and Rob


The Capitol was lovely at night, too, and when I walked back to my room, enjoying the cool air after the hot hotel, I couldn't resist snapping this shot.


Liz Lytle said...

Julia -- Thanks for sharing these pix from B'con -- and for your kind words! The farmer's market looks so colorful; sorry I missed it, but with 12 offerings every minute, who could sample every thing? Thanks, too, for your gracious welcome every time our paths crossed. Best wishes from a fellow English teacher/mystery writer.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Liz! Hey, as the song says, we're all just pilgrims on the way. Keep me updated about your book deals, and let me know how you like Florida.