Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not Clear on the Distinction

Here's a head-scratcher of a poem that I found on the web.

No Great Mystery

Life is no great mystery,
Just Something
We Don't Understand.

Egal Bohen


Bill Cameron said...

I have to say that I find that very profound. On the one hand, it's little more than an ironic quip. On the other, it's a statement on the boundaries of human knowledge. It's not a mystery. We're just not up to it.

The question is, are we just not up to it yet? Or are we stuck here?

Julia Buckley said...

That was very deep, man. It's seven in the morning, so the boundaries of my knowledge don't reach much beyond this computer screen, which is very existential, I know. And the existentialists would say: yes, we're stuck here. :)

Anonymous said...


Julia Buckley said...

Okay, Egal, that's the second thing you wrote that I don't understand. :0